If you own a business and the product or service you sell are mostly bought by under 30s (millennial), then you should most probably join Instagram as studies have shown that about 40 percent of individuals born from the 1980s to the early nineties are on Instagram. And business is not the only reason why people are joining Instagram. The social media site is a great way to share photos and experiences with friends and loved ones.  It is also a fantastic avenue to popularity especially if you get to step four of the process.



But before we go into the steps, here is a disclaimer part of this process involves getting free Instagram followers from our site Free Followers Today (FFT). We don’t charge anything for the free followers on Instagram we provide. We just aim to give our clients high social value so that they can get the boost they need towards being successful on Instagram!

Here is the four step process

Step One: Signing up

You can create an Instagram account in two ways. The most popular way is by downloading the app, and the other way is by just doing it online on a PC. Once you download and install the app (the most convenient way to use the site), you simply click on the sign-up button using the email you used to set up your Facebook account. If you are a business, you should use the same name your business operates with on other accounts to have consistency.

Step 2: Settings and integration

To have the massive success you expect on Instagram; you must get things right the first time. Don’t just go and start posting pictures and expect people to comment. They most probably won’t because they don’t know you. Upon signing up, head directly to settings and fill out every bit of information being asked of you. Upload a profile picture, a website URL and a short description of yourself. Now that people have information about you, they will be more willing to follow you or comment on your photos or videos. Also, to start getting suggestions you should integrate your other social media networks such as Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr or Foursquare with your new Instagram account.

Step 3: Getting things moving

You are now ready to conquer Instagram. You can search your favorite celebrities or hashtags, comment and start following people. If it is a personal account you should post personal experiences, your photos, and holidays, basically whatever you want. If it is a business account, you could use it to announce new products, to tease new products, organize events and invite clients to your events.

Step 4: Get the followers

This is perhaps the most important step to getting successful on Instagram. We at Free Followers Today provide our clients with free Instagram followers to help them get the start they need in the Instaworld. You can get just about any number of followers you want to kickstart your online popularity. Go to our homepage now and find out which package will work best for you.

As you can see it is quite simple to sign up on Instagram and get the free Instagram followers you need. Get to our homepage now or contact our support and we will deal with your concerns fast!



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